Madrid Impact Award 2023

Madrid Impact Award 2023

VII edition of the Madrid Impacta award to promote the consolidation of social enterprises and the development of new social entrepreneurship projects

Entrepreneurship Awards


XIII edition of the Emprendedoras Award to promote, encourage, support, promote and motivate the entrepreneurial capacity of women

Transfer of companies

Online market platform to enable the sale or purchase of small businesses or micro-enterprises.

Telecommuting, adaptation of schedule and day

COVID-19 Person in video conference

The Government of Spain has launched a series of measures in various royal decrees such as Royal Decree Law 8/2020 of March 17 and 28/2020 of September 22, which includes various support measures for different groups.

Innovative SME Seal

Recognition granted to SMEs that have an innovative character so that they can take advantage of and combine discounts and tax incentives.

Business Angels

Private investors with extensive knowledge of certain sectors and with investment capacity, who promote the development of business projects with high growth potential.