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They are currently members of the jury for the Entrepreneurs Award convened by the Madrid City Council.

Non-political, independent and non-denominational non-profit association, declared of public utility in 1995. Its volunteers are Seniors, professionals, managers and businessmen who, having finished their work activity or who are still active, wish, with an altruistic spirit, to offer their experience and knowledge in business or academic management to those who need it.

The UCM has created COMPLUEMPRENDE, the Complutense Office of the Entrepreneur, in order to support members of its university community who have a business idea, accompanying and advising entrepreneurs in the process of evaluating their business idea or in the development of a business plan, as well as solving any doubts that may arise in the creation phase of the company.
Collaboration agreement in force to promote cooperation between both entities in all those actions that allow support for economic development, entrepreneurship, the dissemination of information, the creation and consolidation of companies and, in general, the economic growth of the city of Madrid, giving special interest to the university environment of the UCM.

Institution of public law, endowed with legal personality and its own assets, which enjoys autonomy in accordance with the Constitution and in the terms established by the Organic Law of Universities and its development provisions.

Collaboration agreement in force Konecta to make better use of resources and facilitate access to them for entrepreneurs participating in the chair's programs aimed at people with disabilities.

The first global social network of professional women.
Womenalia helps you to achieve your professional goals, to find or change jobs, to set up your business, to grow your company, to get clients and suppliers, to network with other women, to advise you on your day-to-day professional life with the top experts...
Entity that is part of the jury of the Entrepreneurs Award convened by the Madrid City Council.