Coworking Pipo Velasco

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    Calle Avena, 5 - 28026 Madrid

  • District


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  • Opening hours

    Weekdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Subway

    elliptical square

  • Buses

    6, 60, 78, 81

Located on the first floor of the Pipo Velasco Youth Center is this new free coworking space intended primarily for younger entrepreneurial people from District.

are taught training activities to promote entrepreneurship of three types:

  • Training activities to promote entrepreneurship, which will deal with the basic knowledge to be taken into account to develop a business project.
  • Theoretical-practical ideation workshops, to promote personal creativity and make known tools to facilitate creative thinking and the generation of ideas to solve innovation challenges or problems in companies.
  • Theoretical-practical workshops on skills and other aspects related to entrepreneurial solutions (marketing and sales strategies; web page design; use of social networks to provide solutions for the company; etc.).


Check the schedule in our schedule.

In addition, a service is provided specialized advice for entrepreneurs in business matters, especially in everything related to the start-up of a company, including advice for the preparation of business plans.

Also, the #coworking offers two differentiated free services:

  • Preincubation: advice and tutoring for the elaboration of the business plan. A personalized and detailed monitoring of each of the steps to follow to achieve the viability of a business project is carried out. It is aimed at all natural persons, of legal age, who have a business idea or a business project without registration or formal constitution of a company and require support in preparing their plan. The maximum period of stay is 6 months.
  • shared spaces: temporary and free transfer of jobs for newly created companies that have already started their activity. It is aimed at companies less than 5 years old. The maximum period of stay is 1 year.


From April 10th you can process your request for use of coworking spaces.