Coffee Break with Antonio Fernández director of FCA Consulting


FCA is a business development group, which provides services at the management level in order to increase productivity and make significant improvements in the strategies, organization, business processes and income statement of SMEs. It has its own team of executives who are experts in the following areas: strategy, management & finance, marketing, sales, business development, operations and information technology (ICT's).), with more than 20 years of experience, and more than 100 companies to which they have provided personalized solutions.

Antonio told us about his professional experience within various holdings of cosmetic, health and food products until he decided to start on his own first with IBOL EUROP and currently within the FCA group.

He pointed out as the main obstacle the lack of knowledge that the entrepreneur has when creating his business plan and how to establish yourself, valuing in this sense in a very positive way the services that are provided in the nurseries of the Madrid City Council company.

Next, he gave a series of tips to the attendees when setting up their own business and that had been useful to him throughout his career:

  • We have to stop to think about what we want to do at a business level and we must be able to tell it in one sentence.
  • We must always work with enthusiasm: «tomorrow the sun always rises» and we must work with energy «move forward a little bit every day"It will make us go far," he said.
  • It is important to analyze and think, and take away what remains and promote the rest. 
  • Another important factor is dedication, and having confidence in oneself: “We are not born learned and we all make mistakes”.
  • Finally, he ended with the phrase "Despite all the difficulties and despite finding ourselves alone at many times, being an entrepreneur is something beautiful that we must value.”.

To end the day, the attendees shared a coffee and made networking in the common area san blas nursery.


If you could not attend, you can check the video of the session On our facebook page.


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