Coffee Break with Diego López from WifiMotion


Wifimotion was born from the need to have internet connectivity at any time, place and country. Within its services, there is the rental of a terminal that allows you to connect any mobile device via Wi-Fi, up to a maximum of 10, anywhere that has mobile coverage.

Wifimotion began offering portable Wi-Fi access points designed to be used by tourists who visit our city, it also has Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for events and as a solution for vacation apartments that can operate in more than 90 countries.

Diego López pointed out that the next novelty in the sector will be virtual SIMs that allow expanding connectivity within countries and areas in which it currently does not operate.

Within his presentation, the founder of Wifimotion highlighted the following aspects:

  • When starting a business, know your product well and develop your idea and not that of a third party.
  • Know your competition very well, this will allow you to react to their actions and adapt better.
  • Focus your efforts on the most profitable product or service in your portfolio.
  • Financing is the key to accelerating your business, stay informed of the options and help available.
  • Analyze your mistakes, it is the best way to learn and improve.
  • Always look for new and innovative sales channels.
  • Leave laziness for competition, always active.
  • Networking and sharing experiences with other entrepreneurs will enrich you enormously.

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