Coffee Break with Luisa Alemany, Director of the ESADE Institute for Entrepreneurship


Last Friday, January 20, the entrepreneurs met in a Coffee Break in the Vivero de Empresas of Puente de Vallecas. On this occasion we have had Luisa Alemany (@LuAlemany), director of ESADE's Institute for Entrepreneurship. Luisa can be considered a reference person in studies on entrepreneurship in Spain. PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the UCM and MBA from Stanford, she is also the author of multiple publications on entrepreneurship, among which "Emprender es posible" or the "White Paper on entrepreneurship in Spain" stand out.

Objective of the training: undertake

Luisa explains that as director of the ESADE School for Entrepreneurs her priorities are “Training, research and dissemination”. In all the courses there is a subject related to the creation of companies. Luisa believes that "researchers and technologists can change many things if they learn to set up a company."

They also include training for investors, because according to Luisa "entrepreneurs are needed, but also money for their projects."

Education as an essential pillar

Luisa considers that, to value the figure of the entrepreneur, one must start from Education: "To change the country's culture on entrepreneurship, the educational system must be changed." Likewise, it highlights how this entrepreneurial attitude is implicit in our nature, as it affirms that “children are born entrepreneurs, they are creative and they do not have an aversion to risk. Then they change." Luisa believes that, in this sense, this loss of entrepreneurial character must be modified.

The Spanish case

Luisa talks to us about the cultural differences between Spain and the United States in relation to entrepreneurship: "Here we tend to think that our problems depend more on external causes", as well as highlighting the work of the media when disseminating entrepreneurial projects , because "people believe that there are no entrepreneurs here, but there are, and many".

Mistakes to avoid and important information

The advice that Luisa gives to entrepreneurs is "do not take your project to an investment forum too soon, because you burn the project and the entrepreneur himself." In addition, given the fear of entrepreneurs that a business angel will copy their idea, Luisa affirms that "a good idea is not so easy to copy and implement".

After chatting with the attendees, Luisa Alemany wrote a sentence on the window of the Vivero de Empresas in Puente de Vallecas: “Yes, all of you can!! Cheer up and continue undertaking and having a good time!”.

On this website you can download the first chapter of "Emprender es posible":