Coffee Break with Macarena López-Cordón from SoulEM


Macarena was a professional in the hotel sector and decided to change her life to dedicate herself body and soul, never better said, to SoulEM. He currently runs this social enterprise that works in the labor insertion of women at risk of exclusion through employability and training.
The seed of SoulEM is Mª Luisa, mother of Macarena, a woman committed to the problems of others and a tireless volunteer, who in 1999 created an association called Women's Associations. In it she helps many women from the UVA of Hortaleza to fight to move forward with their lives and their families. Ten years later SoulEM was born. The challenge was to convert this social action into something that could be economically sustained. To do this, Macarena, together with his experience in the hotel sector, designed a commercial and marketing strategy to sell the products produced in the association.
As entrepreneurs, Macarena focuses on finding good allies, good friends, on finding alliances that help us move forward. Furthermore, as indicated, seeking alliances to achieve objectives is one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
It encourages us to bet on innovative social entrepreneurship projects since we are at a time in which a change for the better is taking place in the behavior of the client, the media, and the administration with the prospect of supporting projects that meet some of the the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
SoulEM was the company winner of the second prize of the MAD+2018 Awards for a fairer and more supportive MADrid, the social entrepreneurship awards from the Madrid City Council.
After her presentation, Macarena shared a coffee with the attendees, enjoying a very pleasant time with everyone who attended this very interesting Coffee Break.
If you could not attend, you can check the video of the session On our facebook page.
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