Coffee Break with María del Carmen Vázquez, founder of Disacqua.


The origin

María del Carmen Vázquez lived in Venezuela until, due to insecurity in the country, she decided to come to Spain. Her parents are Spanish and they had a house in Galicia. She decided to settle there. The change was hard since he came with his family from an environment in which they had stability to a country that he did not know and to start from scratch. 

The arrival in Spain 

The beginnings were hard and she worked in different places until she was hired by a water distribution company. He started working as a replacement for a person as a telemarketer. Despite having no experience in this work, he exceeded his objectives. When the person he was replacing rehired, he was unemployed despite having met his objectives, for this reason he decided to set up his company and told his boss so.


They then decided to settle in Madrid, reached an agreement with a Barcelona water company to distribute their products in Madrid and launched their company, she as a telephone operator and her husband as a salesperson. They set a goal of selling 15 machines in 6 months and in just 15 days they had already reached that goal. 

A product that has helped Disacqua a lot to differentiate itself are the personalized water bottles that they sell as souvenirs. The first experience was made in Toledo and it was a great success. 

Over time and with a lot of work, they have managed to work with companies such as Airbus or Ferrari and it is a company that does not stop innovating to differentiate itself from its competition. 

what you have learned 

María del Carmen believes that her success has come from 2 routes: one, studying the competition and talking a lot with clients to identify opportunities and two, entrepreneurship is a long career and the first 3 years are the hardest, she recommends persisting and not giving up.