Coffee Break with Silvia Intxaurrondo from SUKUN


Silvia Intxaurrondo is one of the best known faces of information.
The Basque communicator graduated in journalism from the University of Navarra and also in Arabic and Islamic studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
Throughout his career he has worked in some of the most important media groups in our country such as Cadena Ser, Canal 4 or CNN+, however, some time ago he decided to take a risk and bet on his idea of communication.
She currently continues to work in the world of journalism as a presenter for the weekend edition of the Telemadrid network, a job that she combines with her position as director at the agency she runs.
Silvia wanted to participate in this Coffee Break organized in the San Blas business incubator, since it was in this place that she started when she decided to direct her professional career towards the universe of entrepreneurship.
The journalist has shared her experience with those attending the event, commenting that the easiest thing is to have the business idea, but the next step that must be taken, that is, establishing the financial plan, somewhat complicates the process of creating the company.
However, Silvia wanted to highlight that the great asset of entrepreneurial people is that they start from knowledge of the area and above all the strength of the illusion that moves them when starting this new adventure.
He also wanted to remind the participants in this Coffee Break that the creation process is complex because often our environment begins to ask questions and doubts can arise in the entrepreneurial person, however, we must not give in to frustration, since the Opportunities always come, and this allows us to regain strength in the idea for which we have decided to bet.
Silvia has highlighted that the work of an entrepreneur never ends, since at the moment in which the business grows, "we will need to continue working hard in the face of possible obstacles that may arise ”, in addition to having to train, which is undoubtedly something positive and enriching, both as professionals and as individuals, because you never stop learning.
In addition, the journalist stressed to those present that a good working environment is essential for workers to evolve in their duties smoothly, since important ties are created in the workplace, and even great relationships of complicity and loyalty.
Finally, Silvia wanted to reassure future entrepreneurs by saying that "this work is a mission, but as time goes by we can start looking for a place for our social relationships, enriching both facets of our lives."
To end the day, the attendees shared a coffee and made networking in the common area of the San Blas nursery.
If you were unable to attend, you can check the video of the session on our website. Facebook.
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