Coffee Break with Yolanda Campos, founder of Quesos La Cabezuela


the cabezuela is a vital and personal project of the Royuela-Campos family, whose objective is to understand the territory as its own part where sustainable intervention is essential for the future. The herds of native goats, the Guadarrama goat, have been in the mountains of Madrid since at least the 17th century, giving non-speculative value to milk is what drives them to make cheese and dairy products from local producers.

It has a stall in the market Vallehermoso producers and they make cheese and dairy as a way of life; as a cultural and gastronomic expression of what is today a modern and sustainable way of life.

To start the day, the attending entrepreneurs shared, and in the form of elevator Pitch, what their project consists of and they were able to leave their professional card. In this way, after  at the end of the session, it was possible to perform a networking and generate synergies between all of them more effectively.

In her speech, Yolanda introduced herself as a "trained journalist and professional cheesemaker", declaring that "reconciling our family life led us to abandon our jobs and undertake this project alone".

The first step, was to carry out a market study in the area, which led them to the conclusion that there was not much production of goat cheese in Madrid, thus making it an ideal market niche to start their business journey.

As a differential value, the cabezuela visits to small local cheese factories in various countries, learning their way of doing things and later applying them to the production with goat's milk from Madrid. As data, this process, from the visit, acquisition of knowledge and implementation of the final product can take more or less a year of work for each type of cheese. Additionally, one of its objectives is to promote a healthy diet: "we only use ferments and natural products, from local producers in Madrid," he stated.

He told us that having the support of collaborators and projects such as the business incubators of the Madrid City Council It has made the path easier for them and has provided them with the necessary advice when it comes to starting and promoting their business.

By way of conclusion, he stated that “SIf you are brave, you think about things and dedicate a lot of work and enthusiasm, you can get ahead as an entrepreneur\”, “A country is built with innovative, enterprising people who get up again and again when they fall

Once the exhibition was over, the attendees shared a coffee and a session of networking in the common area Villaverde business incubator.

The event was broadcast live on our Facebook page, you can check the video of the session.

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