Shops and catering establishments occupy the street on Park(ing) Day 2017.


This event, which has been held since 2013, aims to draw attention to the space occupied by vehicles and the need to create and recover public space in cities and improve the landscape and the quality of life of its citizens. In this way, citizens become aware of the destination that we are giving to the space of our city.


For yet another year, businesses and establishments in various neighborhoods of the capital, such as Salesas, Lavapiés and Malasaña, took to the streets, occupying parking spaces to display and sell their products and services as a street market , such as:

  • Presentation of natural cosmetic products and recycled packaging
  • Green gardens within parking areas
  • Paint


  • Illustration
  • Poetry
  • Gluten-free bread tasting
  • Urban garden
  • Recycling workshops (with plastic bottles)
  • street fashion

Among the participating establishments were Farmacia Lavapies-Apivita, Como Vaca Sin Cencerro, Herbolario El Druida, Juan Raro, Donde da laturn el viento, EQUO, La mejor Flor Bar, Bar Amor, Salesa Village FanFanMadrid, Woodspin, Fatima Beltran, Miss Manu, Lovefield, BlackCherry.