The Madrid City Council with its Centenary Shops


The initiative, promoted by the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, includes the installation of advertising on mupis in which the “age” of these businesses is underlined.

They are shoe stores, haberdasheries, pastry shops, pharmacies, cafeterias or shops in many other sectors that have become integrate historical and cultural heritage of the city for its beauty and permanence in economic activity within the same commercial sector over generations.

Therefore, by establishing itself as one more attraction of the capital, the Madrid City Council wants pay homage to them, with the aim of highlighting the values of business excellence and quality that Madrid's traditional commerce possesses.

It has been running for some time Recognition Program for Centennial Businesses in Madrid that distinguishes those premises that have maintained the permanence of the activity within the same commercial sector, a certain line of continuity within the family or the personnel linked to the original business and the maintenance of the name over a minimum period of one hundred years.

To identify them, the City Council presented them with a plaque designed by Antonio Mingote to distinguish them for the service they provide to citizens, combining age, quality, as well as a desire for renewal and adaptation.

The campaign that from tomorrow until October 14 will be part of the street furniture aims to reinforce this recognition to Centenary Businesses.
More information in the WebApp of Centenary Shops of Madrid