On June 8, the World Day against Counterfeiting and Piracy was celebrated


The objective is to make the population aware of the damages and dangers caused by both the production and the acquisition of counterfeit products, damages and dangers that have been aggravated by piracy through the Internet.
The production and sale of counterfeits, as well as piracy, have skyrocketed in recent years, generating losses in our country of more than 6,000 million euros, according to data collected in the 2019 report published by the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO) on the occasion of the celebration of World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. This loss derives from the destruction of more than 53,000 jobs per year in Spain.
Madrid City Council has actively promoted and supported the fight against counterfeiting and its distribution mainly through unauthorized street vending, with various awareness campaigns aimed at making the public aware of the harm and risks involved in buying counterfeit products, also highlighting the benefits that the acquisition of original products entails for innovation and investment in R&D, for the generation of employment, for economic activity, in addition to the quality and safety guarantees offered by brands.
The last of them has been the campaign "If you buy fakes, the adventure always ends badly."