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Tutored virtual training


  • The new edition of the virtual tutored training has the registration period open
  • These activities will begin on September 12.


What is

The new edition of the virtual tutored training The registration period is open. This free training program allows the acquisition of skills and abilities for starting a business, defining business strategies and business management, among others.

The objective is the comprehensive training of entrepreneurial people, both to undertake a business project and to improve an existing company.

Modality on-line

training activities will be taught and developed on our virtual platform "Aula Emprende”.

will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have a duration of 4 weeks, which is equivalent to 25 teaching hours. During these four weeks there will be an expert tutor who will answer questions and correct practical cases.

At the end you will be able to download a document accrediting the correct execution, according to the specific conditions and in accordance with the parameters established for each training activity.

The activities

You can sign up for one or more activities since they are independent from each other, always keeping in mind that it is necessary to attend all the sessions that make up each activity.

Each edition consists of six different activities. More information and registration in the following links:

Focused on knowing the necessary elements to design and manage the business website of a project. In addition, tools will be given so that attendees can have access to their store in the near future on-line.

Addressed to promote the transformation process in the company, showing the fundamental points to improve the management, administration and production processes, marketing and sales, through the implementation of digital processes that allow the achievement of these objectives.

It will provide the concepts and fundamental characteristics of social entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of the differences with social companies, introducing the application of the concepts of sustainable development in companies, and the application of corporate social responsibility.

Its objective is to know and apply the big data as a basic tool integrated into the business.

Oriented to know and put into practice the methodology lean startup to find the target market, evaluate with potential customers if the idea is a good opportunity, and promote innovation and creativity in business.

It will give the keys to those who, with an idea and/or business model, need to develop a business plan with all its components, marketing, communication and sales, operations, HR, legal and economic-financial, carrying out an analysis to establish strategies, detect needs and monitor the business.