The School of Commerce of the Madrid City Council starts up its training cycles again


The priority objective that is pursued with the free training actions that are taught within the School of Innovation for Commerce is to offer retail professionals from all its sectors, as well as freelancers and SMEs, the knowledge and tools necessary for professionalization and increased competitiveness in the development of a commercial activity. Notwithstanding this, any other interested person may attend the courses regardless of their activity, employment situation, training and professional experience.
As throughout 2018, in the programming of training activities of the School of Innovation for Commerce A number of new features stand out:
-Within the transversal training, courses will be given on the management of municipal markets, the exercise of street vending in the municipality of Madrid and waste and waste management in the commercial sector. 
-Specific training is included aimed at professionals in the butchery and delicatessen sector, as well as those in the fishmonger sector.
The training actions will be taught in two cycles throughout this year, and may be extended until January 2020.

Check the schedule by clicking on the following link.
As usual, the different courses that are taught are available in the Activities Agenda Interested parties must register for the courses through the form provided for this purpose in each of the courses published in said Agenda.