Loans granted by the Administration

Measures approved in relation to loans granted by the Public Administration

The Royal Decree Law 11/2020, of March 31, which adopts complementary urgent measures in the social and economic field to deal with COVID-19, includes a series of measures in relation to the financial credits granted by the different public administrations.


The beneficiaries of loans for industrial projects granted by the SGIPYME may request amendments to the amortization table thereof for a period of 2 ½ years counting from the declaration of the state of alarm, provided that the COVID-19 health crisis has caused periods of inactivity for the beneficiary, a reduction in the volume of sales or interruptions in supply in the value chain.

Who must authorize this modification and within what period?

The concession must be granted by the same body that issued the decision granting the loan and it must be produced within a period of 6 months counted from the presentation of the corresponding request.

What documentation must be attached to the application?

A supporting report in which the difficulties in meeting the initially established payment schedule are set out, including a balance sheet and the provisional profit and loss account referring to a time prior to that in which the circumstances that determined the request occurred.

  1. If the term to make the investments has not ended, a technical and economic report of the investments made to date charged to the loan must be attached.
  2. A responsible statement that they are up to date in complying with their tax and social security obligations and that they are not a debtor for reimbursement of aid or loans to the administration and have submitted their accounts to the Mercantile Registry within the established period.

What may the modification of the amortization table consist of?

  • Increase in the maximum amortization period.
  • Increase in the maximum grace period, if the expiration of any principal installment has not yet occurred.
  • Other modifications provided that the maximum aid intensity levels and the same risk levels as at the time of granting are respected.