We support young entrepreneurship


The winners of the prizes of the programs to promote entrepreneurship among young students, which are promoted by universities, foundations, professional and business associations with which the Madrid City Council has signed a collaboration agreement for the promotion of entrepreneurship and/or economic development, will enjoy for a certain time a monthly reduction of 100% of the public price that must be paid to be able to access entrepreneurship support services in the offices of the Business Incubator Network.

Today, the Plenary Session has approved the monthly reduction of 100% in the public price rate to be paid for the use of these spaces for those who have obtained distinctions in entrepreneurship promotion programs organized by third parties with whom the Madrid City Council has signed an agreement. collaboration.

The monthly amount of this public price is the result of multiplying the square meters of the office by 7.15 euros in the first year and by 9.53 euros from the first twelve months (VAT not included). Thus, an office of 17.30 square meters has a rate of 123.69 euros and in the case of one of 41.70 square meters it amounts to 298.15 euros per month, during the first year.

The maximum total reduction per person will be 3,000 euros, so the time of free stay in one of the offices will depend on the rate applied according to the surface area of the office chosen.

To be entitled to this reduction, the winners of these programs must attend the public call on equal terms to access the entrepreneurship support services in the offices of the Business Incubator Network.

This approved measure aims to support the youngest groups.

The City Council has a Network of business incubators distributed in different districts of the city. These are spaces to work in which you also receive advice for entrepreneurship.

I use company nurseries

The payment of the public price for the provision of services in the nurseries gives the right to use the offices of the facilities for a certain time, depending on the operating rules and the award. Included are reception, surveillance and security services, cleaning of facilities and expenses for electricity, water, air conditioning, use of common areas... Also, by virtue of the very essence of the municipal service, technical advice, business training and information about aid programs and subsidies.

Coworking Spaces

In the network of business incubators we also have coworking spaces. They are spaces for natural or legal persons who have already started their activity. This type of service entails the temporary and temporary and free transfer of jobs for companies less than five years old.

The maximum period of stay is 1 yearDuring this period, companies will have a business support and tutoring service.