online self-study

They are online training activities, in MOOC format, which can be done at any time, allowing each person to learn according to their interests and needs.

The objective is the comprehensive training of entrepreneurs, offering content that enables the acquisition of knowledge for starting up a business, definition of business strategies and business management, among others.

If you want to participate, all you need is: an entrepreneurial mindset, an interest in training and a business idea in its initial phase, or a recently created business.

How are the activities organized?

These self-study activities will be continuously available and can be done at any time from enrollment.

In general, in all self-study training you have to pass self-knowledge tests to advance in the thematic units. It is estimated a duration equivalent to 25 teaching hours.

Where are they made?

These self-study activities are available on the virtual platform "Aula Emprende ". They will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Self-study courses are not assisted by tutors. Participants may only raise general queries about the operation of the support tool in the student's personal area.

At the end, you can download a document certifying the correct execution of the course according to the specific conditions and in accordance with the parameters established for each training activity.

How do I sign up?

Register directly automatically on our platform Aula Emprende

To enroll, click on the image of the selected course, you will access the platform if the edition is active.

  • If you are already a user of Aula Emprende, you only have to enter "Access" (username and password) and you will be automatically enrolled in the selected course. 
  • If you are not yet a user of the platform, you must enter the “Create new account” option and register as a user.

Content of virtual training activities

  • Market studies course
  • Digital marketing course for sales
  • Entrepreneurship innovation course
  • Course business plan, economic-financial plan and financing
  • Basic business plan development course