Entrepreneurship Awards

Entrepreneurship Awards
XII edition of the Entrepreneurs Award to promote, encourage, support, encourage and motivate the entrepreneurial capacity of women

The main objective of this award is to contribute to the recognition of original, creative and innovative projects undertaken by women to promote and boost the female entrepreneurship, as well as the generation of employment and increased economic activity in the city of Madrid, helping to eliminate the existing gender gap.

El «Premio Emprendedoras 2022» es una de las líneas de reconocimiento del Ayuntamiento de Madrid al trabajo de las mujeres emprendedoras. La dotación total asciende a 100 000 euros.

The Madrid City Council has the collaboration of WomenaliaSEE ME, the Hotel Business Association of Madrid (AEHM), the King Juan Carlos University (URJC) and wave madrid. 

You have doubts? You can consult our FAQ  and if you still have doubts, write to us at emprendedores@madrid.es

Finalizado el plazo de presentación de solicitudes

Fase de comprobación de solicitudes

Check the complete bases of the callCheck the FAQ

Companies (individuals or legal entities) that meet the following requirements may participate:

  • shall be SME, according to the definition established in the European Commission Recommendation of May 6, 2003.
  • Not be involved in more than one 25% by another company. If it is owned in a lower percentage, the participant must also be an SME.
  • Be constituted in one of the following legal forms:
    • Physical person: individual or self-employed businesswoman, limited liability entrepreneur, property communities and civil societies.
    • Legal person: public limited company, limited company, new company limited company, labor limited company, cooperatives and associations that carry out an economic activity on a regular basis.
  • be involved in more than 50% by women. More than 50% of the company's shares or participations must be held by women.
  • To have started its business activity as of January 1, 2017. Applications from companies created prior to this date will be accepted, provided that the award is presented with a new line of business and it is duly accredited that it has started between January 1, 2017 and the last day of the period established for the submission of applications.
  • Be billing in January 2022.
  • Have a business project that is original, creative, disruptive and innovative, with or without a technological base, aimed at covering needs in different areas (environment, health and well-being, gastronomy, education, commerce, fashion, finance, electronic commerce, tourism, industry, infrastructure, logistics, energy or similar.
  • Have a service or product prototype tested in the market with already measured or measurable results.

Applications must be submitted electronically or in person at the Madrid City Council register.

  • The legal personsmust submit the application mandatory electronically, accessing the Electronic Office of the Madrid City Council Application for participation in the 2022 Entrepreneurs Award. In this case, you must use one of the electronic certificates accepted by the Madrid City Council.
  • The Physical personsmay choose to apply for electronic form, in the terms indicated above, or face-to-face in the registry offices of the Madrid City Council and other entities provided for in article 16.4 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

In order to assess the applications, this summary must explicitly explain:

  • Sector of activity of the project.
  • In the case of legal entities, community property and civil partnerships, indicate the number of partners, whether they are men or women and the percentage of participation of each of them (indispensable to verify compliance with the fifth base).
  • Start date of activity or new line of business, as appropriate in each case.
  • Billing start date and annual amount billed from that date to the date of publication of the call.
  • Originality and creativity of the business project: the differentiating and innovative nature of the application will be identified, mentioning key aspects of the company that meet the evaluation criteria of the applications (eleventh base) and with the defined categories of the second prizes (fourth base) .
  • Disruptiveness and innovation: it can refer to a new product, a new service, a new organizational model, a new process, a new solution approach, etc.
  • Indicate if it is a business project belonging to sectors traditionally reserved for men.
  • Technical and economic feasibility: basic information will be included that allows evaluating the economic viability of the project in the market.
  • Possibilities of scaling in the short and medium term. Scalability understood as the ability to be developed in areas other than those for which it was initially designed. The elements that guarantee the future growth of the project to reach more people or for its development in different areas or environments beyond the city, region, community for which it was initially designed will be indicated.
  • Action plan: a schedule and description of the activities to be carried out in each of the stages scheduled for the execution of the project will be included, indicating, where appropriate, the stage in which it is at the time of participation in this announcement.
  • Images and supporting graphics may be presented, but always without exceeding the limit of 5 pages.
  • The professional profile of the promoters can be included, but in no case will their personal data be provided.

The submitted applications will be valued with a maximum of 15 points according to the following criteria:

  • Originality and creativity of the business project. The differentiating and novel character of the application will be valued. Maximum 3 points.
  • Disruptiveness and innovation. Innovation can refer to a new product, a new service, a new organizational model, a new process, a new solution approach, etc. Maximum 3 points.
  • Because they are projects belonging to sectors traditionally reserved for men. Maximum 3 points.
  • Technical and economic feasibility. A realistic assessment of its viability in the market will be made. Maximum 3 points.
  • possibilities to climb in the short and medium term. Scalability understood as the ability to be developed in areas other than those for which it was initially designed. Maximum 3 points.

The Madrid City Council financially endows this prize in the following amounts:

  • “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022” Awardwith an amount of 20 000 euros
  • Two prizes for the finalists with an amount of 10 000 euros each
  • 15 second prizes with an amount of 4000 euros each, in the following categories:
    • youngest entrepreneur
    • Entrepreneur "silver"
    • Entrepreneur from Madrid
    • Entrepreneur with the most technological project
    • Entrepreneur with the most innovative project
    • Entrepreneur with the project with the greatest environmental impact
    • Entrepreneur with the project with the greatest international projection
    • Entrepreneur with the best project in the field of health
    • Entrepreneur of the network of business incubators of the Madrid City Council
    • Entrepreneur with the best project in the Food Tech sector
    • Entrepreneur with the project with the greatest growth potential
    • Entrepreneur with the best elevator pitch
    • Entrepreneur with the best project in the HORECA sector
    • Entrepreneur with the best project in the STEM area
    • Entrepreneur with the best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy

In addition, the winning companies will receive different contributions in kind from the sponsors.

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Winners of previous editions

Entrepreneurs Award 2011 (PPT) the winner was Pepita Marin, with We Are Knitters

Entrepreneurs Award 2012 (PPT) the winner was Blanca Rábena with Titanite

Entrepreneurs Award 2013 (PPT) the winner was Marta Fernández, with Pilow Bra.

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Entrepreneurs Award 2014 (PPT), the winner was Lola Rúa with her company mayfly.

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Entrepreneurs Award 2015 (PDF). The winners were:

TALENT TANK on the General Category

MARTINYCA on the Category Fashion and Beauty

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Entrepreneurs Award 2016. The winners were:

Arity and Madrid drive-in cinema, in the category entrepreneurial idea

Chargy Technologies, in the category Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs Award. Here you can see the video of the demo day and awards ceremony

in category Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2017 the first prize it was for Marina Rincon and Fanny Basanta, with their SILMA project; the second prize for Paula Bañuelos, with her project brave up

In the category Company Award 2017 the first prize it was for Skansense SLU led by Cristina Porcel Magnusson and the second prize for biohope, promoted by Isabel Portero Sánchez.

FRAME and DSIGÑ CLOUD win the 2018 Entrepreneurs Award
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Eurizon, winner of the Entrepreneurs Award 2019

First prize: EURIZON SL


Second prize: R+DB ACOUSTIC

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SATURNO LABS, LETMEPARK SLU and LOOKREANDO, winners of the 2020 Entrepreneurs Award

Company Award 2020:

First prize: SATURN LABS

Second prize: LETMEPARK SLU

University Entrepreneur Award 2020: LOOKREADING

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First prize  SPIKA TECH SL

Second prize USYNCRO


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