Learn and Start 2023

learn and undertake


  • Aprende y Emprende 2023 is part of an ecosystem of pioneering accompaniment in the entrepreneurship of people with disabilities


If you want to work for yourself or create your own company, the program Learn and Start 2023, from the Prevent Foundation, can help you.

It is a free training and support program for the start-up of a business idea or for recently created business initiatives, aimed at both people with disabilities and people without disabilities who present a proposal of social impact in the field of disability. . It is taught in person in Barcelona and Madrid, at the Esade facilities.

The Prevent Foundation -a non-profit, private and independent entity- works with a clear objective: the labor inclusion of people with disabilities, a fact that implies the improvement of people, companies and society in general.

Since 2005, it offers tools to people with disabilities and companies to:

  • Facilitate the adaptation of work environments to people.
  • Make society aware that diversity surprises us every day and makes us better.

Check the bases and participate!