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Madrid RACE drive-in cinema turns one year old


It's been a year since Madrid RACE drive-in theater will hang the "All sold" sign with the projection of Grease.

Drive-in Madrid RACE celebrates its first anniversary exceeding all expectations and consolidating itself as a reference place for leisure in Madrid. According to its promoters Cristina Porta and Tamara Istambul, it has been “a year of cinema”.

During this first year, more than 80,000 spectators, 39,300 cars, 2,100 motorcycles and 102 bicycles have passed through the Madrid RACE Autocinema.

In addition, Autocine Madrid will have another year, with the support of RACE (Royal Automobile Club of Spain) as official sponsor.

Madrid RACE drive-in theater It has a single room with capacity for 350 vehicles and with impressive views of the skyline from Madrid. Its state-of-the-art digital projector (2k) and a giant 250-square-meter screen allow you to watch your favorite classic films and the most anticipated premieres with the highest definition.

In the enclosure you can also enjoy a dinner authentic American and various food trucks, all set to the best music from the 1950s. They also have a MAD Auto service: they deliver food to your vehicle!

In addition to being the largest movie theater in Spain, Autocine Madrid RACE is becoming the most original and sought-after event venue and they open the new year with very good expectations.

On the occasion of the first anniversary Autocine Madrid RACE celebrates its first birthday on February 22 at its facilities with live music and a film session.

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