Reduction of the public price in the nursery network for projects led by women


The Plenary of the Madrid City Council has given the green light to the price bonus public in a monthly 20 % in the amount of the public price to pay for access to entrepreneurship support services in the offices of the network of business incubators, provided that the majority of the promoters of the business project or commercial entity that are beneficiaries are women.

The purpose of this bonus is to promote women's entrepreneurship and gender equality, with the aim of contributing to the creation of employment and the definitive integration of women, in a situation of full equality, in the family, in society and in the world of work, which, ultimately, can lead to the achievement of inclusive and sustainable economic growth. 

It will be indefinite for the duration of the provision of the public service, as long as the conditions that have given rise to the bonus are maintained. 

This bonus will come into effect on January 1, 2019

Agreement of December 20, 2018 of the Plenary of the Madrid City Council approving the modification of the agreement of the Plenary of the Madrid City Council of November 28, 2007 for the establishment of public prices for the provision of services in nurseries of companies.