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Campaign “I like my Market 2017”


One more year, the Madrid City Council and its 46 municipal markets participate in the “I like my Market-2017” campaign, as part of the initiative that is being developed worldwide “Love Your Local Market-LYLM-2017”, promoted to support the reactivation and revitalization of local commerce in traditional markets and in which cities around the world participate.

Among the events to be celebrated are initiatives such as “The Night of the Markets”, “From the Garden to the Markets”, “Madrid Markets, We Cook with You”, “Mercaderes Tour”, or the workshops “Learn to buy and cook in the “Madrid markets”.

Likewise, from May 1 to May 30, images of various events that take place within the campaign can be found on the different advertising supports of street furniture (banners, canopies) and on the EMT buses.

You can find more information at:

– Activities and events in the municipal markets LYLM 2017.

- Bell “I like my Market”