Campaign "If you buy fakes, the adventure always ends badly"


The objective of this campaign is not only to make citizens aware of the harm and risks involved in buying counterfeit products, marketed mainly through illegal street sales, but also to highlight the benefits that the acquisition of original products entails for innovation and investment in R&D, for the generation of employment, for economic activity, in addition to the quality and safety guarantees offered by the brands.

In short, what is intended is to make society aware of the positive impact of brands and the purchase of original products in economic activity, in commerce, in the generation of employment and in the health and safety of citizens.

More than 200 marquees were distributed around the city with the motto \”If you buy fakes, the adventure always ends badly\”.

The development of the campaign coincided with a new edition of “Marathlon, The route of the marks”,  Free educational and recreational event, organized by the Madrid City Council, together with ANDEMA and the SPTO, which was held on October 7, in which brands, associations and institutions from various sectors came together to publicize the importance of intellectual property at the economic and social level.

campaign videos: