Close to 2.2 million euros to revitalize municipal markets and food galleries


Offer the citizens of Madrid a better public service by favoring the modernization and revitalization of municipal markets and food galleries in the capital.

This is the objective that the multiannual expenditure that the Governing Board of the Madrid City Council has approved today of 2,161,452 euros intended for subsidies, with an increase of 20% to the previous call, in order to promote private investment to improve the structure of the facilities and the provision of services that are given in them. 

In addition, for the third consecutive year, food galleries can access these help lines. 

The investment projects are expected to affect the improvement of the conditioning of the facilities of the local businesses and their universal accessibility, while enhancing their sustainability by optimizing energy resources and reducing the impact on the environment. On the other hand, it will also be important to adapt to the needs of citizens, thanks to the expansion of commercial and distribution services. 

The multiannual amount agreed for this purpose is divided into 1,461,452 euros for 2019 and 700,000 euros for 2020. 

lines of action

From the Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, belonging to the Area of Equity, Social Rights and Employment, two channels of aid have been established. 

On the one hand, it will be eligible up to 30% of the budget for construction projects, comprehensive reform, modernization or conditioning; of remodeling and reform of premises integrated in these commercial structures; those intended for the acquisition of new equipment for premises integrated in the markets; or those of commercial promotion. 

On the other hand, in the case of projects involving removal of architectural barriers and improvement of accessibility, modernization of public toilets and other dependencies; reduction of waste and improvement of the environmental impact or installation of recharging points for electric vehicles could be subsidized up to 50% of the budget. This section introduces as a novelty, in a commitment to the environment, the expenses destined to obtain the energy efficiency certification of the municipal markets and food galleries, and the collaboration projects with the network of urban gardens ( creation of naturalized spaces and the development of agrocomposting experiences). 

Likewise, with a possible subsidy of up to 50%, this year, the obtaining and implementation of quality standards, security plans, letters or service guides aimed at differentiating the activity and management of markets and galleries is collected. 

It should be noted that, in line with the municipal commitment, the evaluation criteria once again take into consideration the incorporation of new activities of a social, educational, cultural or artistic nature that contribute to reducing or eliminating the gender gap. 

Strategic Market Plan 2017-2020

This call constitutes one more milestone to successfully complete the development of the Madrid City Council's Strategic Market Plan 2017-2020. The 2018 call for subsidies is also included in this framework, an instrument through which investments have been made aimed at the execution of rehabilitation works in general facilities of 26 municipal markets and 3 food galleries as well as remodeling of more than 30 premises . 

It has acted in 30 municipal markets and 4 commercial galleries (if we include actions in general installations and in premises), which have meant 72 projects, subsidized by more than 1,660,000 euros. For its part, the eligible investment (that is, induced private investment), is more than 5 and a half million euros. 

Within the framework of this line of support for municipal markets, since July 2015 some milestones can be highlighted, such as: 
  • Remodeling of the Doña Carlota market 2015-2016, and also 2018.
  • Comprehensive remodeling of the Prosperidad market (2015-2016).
  • Villa de Vallecas remodeling (especially basement and toilets for the disabled).
  • Comprehensive remodeling of the Tetouan market (since 2017).
  • Remodeling of the Vallehermoso market (actions in the exterior gallery and basement) 2017-2018
  • Modernization of the Sales market
  • Comprehensive remodeling of the Bami market (2018)
  • Remodeling of the Las Águilas market (2018), with modernization of the stalls on the ground floor and the integration of a medium area
The balance since 2015 records the processing of 275 projects, which have led to the granting of subsidies for an amount of almost 6 million euros.