Coffee Break with David Estébanez González


David has been undertaking and creating companies in various sectors for 15 years, although his greatest successes have been in franchises related to the world of sports and leisure and free time. He is currently expansion director at the company Orange Theory Fitness which has 200 gyms in the USA and plans to open more than 40 centers in Spain next year.

David told us about his experience and his career from his first company, BdeBrújula Consultores SL, which was a success for several years but “died of success” because they did not properly manage growth in his own words. And from there he gave us a tour of his successes and mistakes in his following endeavors, founding startup such as Ebike 75, Emotion España, Bicycle We trust, ANDORRA EXPERIENCES VPS, NeWhite Clinic, CLINIC WHITE…

One of its greatest achievements was, in the 90s, the expansion of the Body Factory Franquicias SL chain, with which it became a benchmark in management, expansion and marketing of franchise models worldwide.

About 30 people attended the event, some of them staying at the nursery. After recounting his experiences, the round of questions was very enriching, in which, at the request of the public, he explained to the entrepreneurs topics such as the importance of controlling expenses, the vital need for any entrepreneur to have a detailed and realistic financial plan, in words: "We entrepreneurs have ideas in the clouds and the financier puts our feet back on the ground, how to manage the growth of the company, the importance of business scalability, etc..”

Once the presentation was over, we went to have coffee with all the attendees, who were able to continue chatting with the guest in a more relaxed and dynamic way.

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