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Coffee Break with Angel Camera


Angel Camera He has a degree in economics from the Complutense University and in Business Studies from the Middlesex University of London, he has a master's degree in Neurolinguistic Programming from the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (IAPNLP) and is a certified coach by the Spanish Association of Executive-Organizational Coaching and Mentoring (AECOP). Although the way he likes to define himself the most is as an entrepreneur of personal well-being.

He worked at Unilever in Spain, the UK and France for 15 years, his last position being European Innovation Director. Ten years ago, Ángel decided to turn his career around to dedicate himself body and soul to projects of education and personal growth, helping children and adults to grow and live day to day with enthusiasm and optimism.

He is a founding member of Think think, a pioneering company in Spain, dedicated to making the benefits of Neuroeducation accessible and applicable to all audiences. He also created TKS, together with his brothers Eva and Nacho, a company that organizes school trips and camps where water sports, such as kitesurfing, are combined with personal growth programs. Both companies are in operation today and grow every year.

He is currently working on a new project to bring the area of personal growth and well-being to the business world. His personal mission: to help people grow from their personal well-being.

His speech focused on 5 lessons learned from his last 10 years as an entrepreneur:
     1.- Happiness. It is not undertaken to be happy, this is a mistake. Happiness goes from the inside out. Being happy consists of knowing that I have what I need or that I can achieve it, having my goals clear and having my accounts settled with the past. If I am happy I undertake better, I do not undertake to be happy.
     2.- Sales. An important learning of Ángel in his career is that you should not go out to sell "asking" but "giving", offering something that helps people and makes it desirable for the customer. 
     3.- Errors. An important point is that the entrepreneur assimilates that the error is necessary, without error there is no innovation. Make a mistake in necessary to innovate. The point of reflection is how we fit that mistake and how to make it useful to move forward.
     4.- Flexibility. Entrepreneurship requires being flexible, because we are going to make mistakes more than once. We have to lighten our backpack of heavy loads to be flexible and to be able to react because the entrepreneur lives in permanent risk.

    5.- The importance of surrounding yourself with positive people, who bring out the best in ourselves and run away from toxic people who take away our energy and make it difficult for us to go through the arduous path of entrepreneurship.
Once the exhibition was over, the attendees asked the guest numerous questions and shared personal reflections on the subject matter.
Around 11:30 a.m. a coffee was served to encourage dialogue and synergies between entrepreneurs.
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