Coffee Break with Ismael Pantaleón of Infinite Ideas


Ismael has a Diploma in Teaching from the Complutense University and for 17 years has promoted creativity as a fundamental element for the development of innovation in organizations. In his speech, he explained how he has managed to influence the results of governments and companies, both for social and business purposes. As an example of this influence, he recounted the performance in organizations such as the Red Cross, Oxfam, Phillips or even the Ministry of Employment and Social Security of Spain, among others.

Ismael is passionate about strategic innovation and it is quite an experience to share with him his experiences and anecdotes in this field, which makes him possess that unique style that characterizes him so much.

At the start of Coffee break, and as a methodology so that the attending entrepreneurs could carry out a subsequent networking and thus make the most of the session, a presentation was made by the entrepreneurs, following the model Elevator Pitch.

In the central part of the session, Ismael revealed the motivation and the process he had to go through to set up his consulting company specialized in strategic innovation, system thinking and creativity. In his presentation, he shared with the attendees his concept of creativity, which he defined as "The ability to generate ideas with novelty and value" as well as that of innovation "having a valuable action that has an impact on society".

He also explained how at the beginning of his activity he opted for the publication of free content on YouTube as a strategy for attracting and searching for clients. The good result of this strategy translates into having been able to launch its services internationally (three countries) and find partners with whom to share its project.

Another aspect of his presentation focused on explaining the concept of "systemic methodology" and how its application allows analyzing processes, information exchanges and the challenges to be faced by companies and organizations. Maintaining a globalized vision of the company or service allows making more accurate decisions, in the medium and long term, this being more efficient than the decisions adopted based on the classic departmental analysis of the company.

Finally, Ismael warned the attendees of the danger of "death by success" considering that "the consolidation of businesses and companies are elements that traditionally slow down growth and renewal."

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