Coffee Break with Ivette Barreto founder of Emprende Más


After fifteen years of entrepreneurship in Spain, he tells us that he has learned more from his failures than from his successes. Ivette comes from the financial, economic world. At one point in his career he decided to contribute more to society. He came to Spain to study a master's degree and realized that corporate social responsibility in Spain was more developed than in his country, Peru. In this way, he decides to combine his economic-financial experience with social consulting, creating a year and a half later the Association of Ibero-American Business Women.

Let us never undertake alone, we are not, he assures us. There are associations, institutions, foundations, experts, etc. that can help us in our undertaking, let us contact them so that our project is nourished by the best of others.

For Ivette, not everyone is good at entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur must know what he is facing, therefore his objective must be clear, his risk tolerance high and never give up in his attempt.

The strategy part is essential. You cannot launch one to undertake without having a plan. A plan that will be modified over time due to circumstances, but always as a guide in our decision-making and project development.

It recommends to entrepreneurs that training be a continuous part of business development. We cannot stop training, although at times it requires an added effort since most of the time it has to be done at the same time as the project is being developed, which continues to be worked on.

As for the good and bad times that every entrepreneur faces, he points out that it's okay to take a step back. There are times when you have to kick him out, to later resume your project with another perspective and greater strength.

One of the most important and difficult aspects when starting a business, according to Ivette's experience, is to form a team. We must never hesitate to associate with the people we believe are most convenient for our company. People are the fundamental axis from which everything revolves.

He emphasized that no one decenter us from our business idea, that no one be able to get us out of our purposes. If we are clear about what our objective is despite the problems, the "buts" that they give us, the difficulties, every entrepreneur has to be faithful to his idea and never abandon it.

After her presentation, Ivette shared a coffee with the attendees, enjoying a very pleasant time with all those who attended this very interesting Coffee Break.

If you were unable to attend, you can check the video of the session on our website. Facebook.

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