Coffee Break with Jesús García Gil, manager of Cargoma


In the first place, those attending the event introduced themselves, presenting their project and leaving their business card in the cup of the coffee break that our guest would later keep.

Jesús García is an industrial engineer, graduated in ADE and manager of the company Cargoma, one of the main tire search engines nationwide. He also owns the company Millennial Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy based on the use of digital transformation.

He told us that his idea was to apply automotive processes to companies in order to expand the market through internet sales. This novel idea did not work at first, since, as he explained to us, it was rejected on multiple occasions.

Despite this, he managed to translate his idea into Cargoma connecting customers with more than 200 providers nationwide. It basically works in the same way as a search engine like Google, but exclusively dedicated to tires. Customers are looking for the tire with the desired characteristics and Cargoma is in charge of its purchase and distribution through its virtual stock.

After the success of Cargoma, decided to set up his own company where he could implement his ideas with complete freedom. thus was born Millennial Consulting, a consultancy specialized in strategic marketing, communication and sales, whose main distinction is the use of the 'Business Intelligence' as the main tool to segment the public to which a company must address.

Jesús added that he has never seen the competitors as enemies and that he has always opted to collaborate with everyone to get added.

Once our guest's presentation was over, the attendees asked a series of questions and later we had a coffee networking in the common areas of the nursery.

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