Coffee Break with Justo Hidalgo CEO and founder of 24Symbols


Justo Hidalgo Sanz, He is an engineer and doctor in computer science in the area of data science. He is currently a founding partner and CEO of 24symbols, an international e-book subscription service. He is the author of the book "Idea, Product and Business", as well as a professor of Product Strategy, Innovation and Lean Analytics in postgraduate and executive courses, product strategy consultant for different companies, and mentor of startup.

24symbols is an unlimited digital reading service. In exchange for a small monthly fee, you can download and read on any device (mobile phone, tablet, eReader with a web browser or computer) all the books you want from a catalog of more than 800,000 titles, in several languages.

To start the day, the attendees shared, and in an elevator pitch format, what their project consists of and they were able to leave their professional card. In this way, after finishing the session it was possible to carry out a networking and generate synergies between all of them more effectively.

During his speech, Justo titled his exhibition \"Errors and resilience in entrepreneurship, a walk through the wire." In it, he told us in a practical way his entrepreneurship path from leaving a position in a renowned technology company to finding his "unicorn" with the creation of the Netflix of books, the company 24Symbols.

The road, of course, was not easy, and he found himself at various critical moments or “valleys of death”. The first of these came when he realized that the conversion factor was critical in his model. fremium and they realized that they did not have editorial content of sufficient quality to increase the number of users and vice versa, which made the business unviable. They continued working, until in 2013 they got the support of the Zed group, which invested 30% in their company, allowing them to grow and expand their business internationally.

Again, their path would not be rosy and Zed, their main investor, entered bankruptcy in 2015, leaving them in the dilemma of continuing or abandoning the project again. Instead of throwing in the towel, they decide to continue their work with a smaller team and optimizing each of the business processes to the maximum. This “resilience” and never giving up, is what has allowed them to endure with slow but steady growth to this day.

As a final conclusion, Fair stated: “Entrepreneurship for me is a difficult but very beautiful road that is worth walking

Once the exhibition was over, the attendees shared a coffee and a session of networking in the common area Moratalaz business incubator.

The event was broadcast live on our Facebook page, you can check the video of the session.

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