Coffee Break with Laura Zalve co-founder of Laurissi


Laura and Mario founded laurissi in Austria. Laura comes from the world of advertising and Mario is a pilot. Entrepreneurs who knew nothing of the world they were in but who had an idea and a passion for what they wanted to do.
Laurissi was born in 2017, a Spanish brand of design pieces that merge with poetry, literature and wishes to fulfill. They wanted to “dress your feelings”. They started with garments, garments with embroidered verses. They saw that the world of fashion is a more complicated world than that of accessories, so their idea gradually led to jewelry. As its website says, poetry jewels or poetry made jewels.
Laurissi's idea stems from poetry. Being able to carry that poem with yourself by identifying yourself and telling who you are. Without knowing anything about jewelry or setting up a company, they launched themselves with this project that little by little has been taking shape and becoming established.
Social networks play a very important role in business development. They tell us that, through them, many of their clients tell them why they want to give that jewel, what is the story behind it.
After their presentation, Laura and Mario  They shared a coffee with the attendees enjoying a very pleasant time with all those who attended this Coffee break.
If you were unable to attend, you can check the video of the session on our website. Facebook.
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