Coffee Break with Luis Ignacio Ardila from Norma 4


Luis Ignacio Ardila, professional with more than 15 years of experience in the information systems and telecommunications sector working in banking environments with technical positions in different companies of the Banesto group. He is a founding partner of Norma 4 and technical manager, working for various clients from multiple sectors, always looking for innovative solutions. He became responsible for managing the company's operations in 2007. He has several years of experience as a multinational executive director of IT services (information technologies), being responsible for defining the business model and operating dynamics, as well as in the creation of a management team responsible for execution.
He is currently dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and involved in the generation and support of new disruptive ideas for startup.

He reviewed his professional career within the computer applications development sector, until at the end of the 90s he decided to set up Norma 4, a company dedicated to providing technological solutions to companies. He told us how one of his first important decisions was: “We pivoted from only offering pure technology to going to each user to cover their specific needs, starting to make visual mockups so that they could be validated by clients.”.

He told us about the ideas of entrepreneurial people: “They can be very beautiful but we have to know the client, the market, as well as their tastes and needs. More than the idea is how it is executed, you have to do something that differentiates you from the competition”.

To grow it is necessary to do so in infrastructure, in processes, to specialize the areas. One of the most complicated things is finding the right people not only for their training, but also for their attitude and commitment to the project." he claimed.

Finally, he gave us his point of view on innovation within organizations: “To innovate is to evolve ahead of the competition so that it never overtakes you. Innovation is crucial for all types of companies, we should not see it as an expense even if it does not give an immediate return, this mentality causes companies to stagnate.

To end the day, attendees shared a coffee and networked in the common area of the San Blas nursery.

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