Coffee Break with Álvaro Vila CEO of WITEI


Witei is a startup that has created a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that aims to be the benchmark for the services necessary to manage a real estate: management, marketing, publication, CRM, etc.

In his presentation, Álvaro emphasized that the first steps when starting a business is knowing where we are and where we want to go "Don't give up, don't be fooled, what you are and what you want to get to", being one of his mottos “Today bread, tomorrow pizza” which means that it is necessary to build our business project from the bottom up, with solid foundations.

Another aspect highlighted by Álvaro Vila is that it is necessary for the organization to follow the doctrine of “Revenue Driven Development”, that is, only carry out actions, whether in the short or medium/long term, that bring benefit to the company. and leave aside the less important ones.

Emphasize that the services offered by anyone who is undertaking must be part of "repeatable and evaluable processes" that allow the know-how of the members of the organization to be reused in multiple clients or projects.

Likewise, he stressed that when carrying out internal management of the company (invoicing, CRM, messaging, logistics, server environment, etc.) it is necessary to carry out a market study and know what exists without inventing the wheel “If something it already exists…use it”.

Once the exhibition was over, the many attendees asked questions and shared a networking time at the Moratalaz Nursery.

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