Coffee Break with Manuel Guillem CEO of Unievento


Unievent is a leading company in the promotion of new products and brands aimed at a target between 14 and 24 years old, the first in the organized travel and leisure sector among these ages. Therefore, the sponsorship of events, trips, etc. It has a positive impact on the company that decides to use this infrastructure when carrying out a promotion, since the brand image is observed by all clients in the different fields of action.

Manuel GuillemDuring his speech, he highlighted those elements that he considered key within his entrepreneurship process and subsequent consolidation as a company within the market, among them the following are worth highlighting::

  • With work and effort our company has been able to move forward without the need for external financing,” although he stated that this is not usually the case in other cases or types of companies.
  • Continually testing various services (with some working and others failing) and national expansion were two key aspects of growing their business.
  • It is important to have a work center or coworking to be able to develop your business and work with your partners
  • Knowing and adapting at all times to the tastes and needs of clients to adapt services, sales channels, and brands to work with is one of the aspects that they take the most care of within Unievento.
  • Our sales network is based on having the figure of ambassador among university students that allows us to sell face to face directly to our target audience.\» Manuel highlighted when asked about his business strategy in the university sector.
  • Social Networks and especially Instagram and the use of Influencers They are two of the pillars in your digital marketing strategy.
  • Surprising users with an unscheduled service or event makes word of mouth work much better.
  • When asked what the future holds for them, Manuel stated: “Grow and plan the financial part wisely, continually feed on the data and experiences we have from our clients to generate new products and services\».

OROnce the practical part was finished, the attendees shared a coffee and a discussion session. networking in the common area Carabanchel business incubator.

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