Coffee Break with Pablo Sánchez Carmenado from eThking


Law student and later specialized in marketing, Pablo defines himself as a marathon runner, considering that life is a real relay race.

To begin his presentation, Pablo commented that as a child he wanted to be a sports journalist, and he came to achieve his dream without realizing it, however, at a certain moment, he stopped to think to rethink a series of things that he had not yet noticed , and which turned out to be fundamental to its future.

Pablo has been in large information groups in this country: Vocento, Planeta and Europa Press. In Europa Press it was located within the marketing sector, but it was also in charge, through Word, of supporting sports brands, specifically in the field of running, in their communication on-line and your content marketing.

He wanted to remind the attendees that in the life of the entrepreneur there are more failures than successes, that is why it is convenient to celebrate the good moments, and, in addition, to lean on others and help them, when they also need it.

This way of thinking is what led him to launch the Drinking Runners project between 2011 and 2012, a group of non-professional runners who display their passion for running, always directing it towards charitable projects such as food collection or charity races. .

Pablo comments that the discourse that we must incorporate is to be proud of what we are, because companies are made up of people, so that we must not collapse in the face of the difficulties that may arise.

He has also commented that, when starting a business, it is essential to have a partner, to be able to support you as he has done with his partner Dani, who was also the creator of the name of his current project: eThinking.

This project belonged to his partner Dani, who began by being in charge of a more advertising branch of communication, but with the change in the job market and the incorporation of Pablo, they began to deal with something more specific, such as marketing communication.

In their current eThinking company, the first thing they do is listen to their customers in order to accompany them on their journey and grow with them through communication marketing. This consists of valuing the communication and marketing of the companies that contract their services, and which, moreover, has to do with every little thousandth thing that has to do with the client to help him position himself and achieve his goals.

To end the day, the attendees shared a coffee and networked in the common area of the Moratalaz nursery.

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