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Coffee Break Jorge Álvarez and Jorge Sotelo founders of a|s Arquitectos


Jorge Alvarez is a founding member of Alvarez Sotelo Architects, SCP, a qualified architect, has developed projects of various scales and typologies both nationally and internationally.


Jorge Sotelo is a founding member of Alvarez Sotelo Architects, SCP, a qualified architect, with master's degrees in graphic design and modeling and in collective housing from the department of architectural projects of the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, has developed medium and large-scale projects in cities in South America, the United States, Eastern Europe , Qatar, China, Switzerland or Spain.


To start the day, the attending entrepreneurs shared, and in the form of Elevator Pitch, what their project consists of and they were able to leave their professional card. In this way, after finishing the session they were able to carry out a networking  and generate synergies between all of them more effectively.


During his speech Jorge Alvarez and Jorge Sotelo They shared with all the attendees the following aspects of their entrepreneurial journey:


·         “Getting to know our clients and guiding them through the process to find out what they want and how they want it is done gradually, making various design proposals” has been an important aspect within our studio.

·         “Although we are entrepreneurs and we are just starting out, we all have professional background and experience that can add value to our business: in our case, the premise and maxim of work was to communicate the care in detail of our projects” 

·         "Doing things well, in an innovative way and distinguishing ourselves from our competition" was their greatest added value in the early stages, which led to a good reputation and word of mouth brought them new clients, \»Each project is unique and must be a hallmark of innovation in our studio, being a startup it allows us to do very personalized things for the client, it is our added value\» they added.

·         \”Seeking collaborations with other studios already established was the way to evolve to what we want, to make new construction buildings, and it allowed us to continue learning from others\”, for them continuous training is a priority to stay in the market.

·         It is a priority, \»clearly defining our products and services and having an image that identifies us (logo and corporate image) is key to being recognized\».

·         \”Our personalized and innovative service allowed us to position ourselves, find a market niche, in this way we achieve economic stability\” they underlined, \”We delivered a dossier of the entire construction process, with before and after photos, being a very effective word-of-mouth marketing tool to attract new customers\».


Once the practical part was over, the attendees shared a coffee and a session of networking in the common area Moratalaz business incubator.

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