Coffee Break Business & Networking


Networking is a philosophy that consists of establishing a professional network of contacts that allows us to make ourselves and our business known, to listen and learn from others, to find potential collaborators, partners or investors.

Active networking enables the exchange of information and contacts, as well as the establishment of relationships with people who share common professional interests.

We do networking to advance our career, to expand our business, to increase our visibility and improve our network of business contacts and thus generate business within it.

Samuel highlighted that in networking events it is necessary to take care of the greeting, to have a brief but powerful message and it is crucial to have several speeches depending on the addressee.

The cards that we collect at these events, according to the Business & Networking representative, should not end up in a card holder, but we should, based on our knowledge, incorporate the contact data into a file or database. This file should not only have contact details, but also interests, motivations and all the information that adds value to the card.

Once the presentation was over, Samuel urged the participants of the Coffee break to introduce themselves and define their business in public following the Elevator Pitch methodology, 30 seconds maximum per participant.

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