The “Madrid Guarantee Identification” is granted to the network of business incubators of the Madrid City Council


This measure is part of the Plan to the Reactivation of the Government of the Community of Madrid. A public-private project to contribute to the most urgent task, the adaptation of commerce, companies, industry, the self-employed and the third sector, of all those who generate value in our Community, to coexist effectively with the threat of this pandemic .

The certificate is free and voluntary, and companies that want to obtain it must do so via online through questionnaires with which they certify that they meet the standards.

The granting of theMadrid Guarantee ID” enables the use of the following distinctive elements:

Award Certificate of the Madrid Guarantee ID.

Logo Madrid guarantee that it can be used on the website and other electronic media.

Madrid Guarantee Identification Stickers: Two stickers with the QR code associated with the organization will be sent to the specified address. The QR code will allow any interested person to know in an absolutely transparent way the measures carried out by the organization. In the case of needing more adhesives, they can be requested through

The use of the certificate, logo and stickers is exclusive and is associated with the NIF of the organization that has requested it, being its validity period until November 15, 2020.

It will recognize each holder of the ID and will allow any citizen, consumer, employee, to check the record of the business, company or industry in Madrid Guarantee with their mobile phone.

The logo must be used in the same conditions in which it is sent to you. No type of alteration or modification can be made to the composition of the image, unless it has been previously authorized by Madrid Guarantee and the improper use of the logo, as well as the variation of the conditions for which the Identification was granted, will take I get his immediate withdrawal.