Closing Concert Youth Choir of Madrid in the Mercado de Maravillas


As it has been traditional this year the municipal markets have once again offered all visitors a complete program of concerts offered by the Madrid Youth Choir Association, organized by the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Government Area of Equity, Social Rights and Employment.

The Madrid Youth Choir is made up of about 80 singers between the ages of 15 and 25, under the artistic direction of Juan Pablo de Juan and the technical coordination of Rennier Piñero. Made up of more than 80 young people, the Madrid Youth Choir has gradually achieved great prestige at a national and international level, obtaining numerous awards and very positive reviews.

During their visit to the Mercado de Maravillas, the members of the Choir sang from traditional Christmas carols to modern songs and Christmas jingles and made, encouraging both the merchants and the customers who were doing their shopping to participate.  

The Youth Association Youth Choir of Madrid is a non-profit cultural entity founded in 2014 as a logistical and institutional base for the creation and operation of the Madrid Youth Choir. It is made up of all the members of the Youth Choir, as well as any external person who so wishes, with a maximum limitation of 30 years of age.

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