Concerts by the Youth Choir of Madrid in the Municipal Markets


As it has been traditional this year the municipal markets once again offer all visitors a complete Concert Program offered by the Madrid Youth Choir Association, organized by the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Government Area of Equity, Social Rights and Employment.
The inaugural concert took place on December 11 at the Sales Market. Until December 29, another 43 concerts will be held in as many markets, lasting approximately half an hour.
As in previous years, the concerts are offered by the Madrid Youth Choir Association, made up of about 80 singers between the ages of 15 and 25, under the artistic direction of Juan Pablo de Juan and the technical coordination of Rennier Piñero.
The Madrid Youth Choir already has an important trajectory, having performed at prestigious festivals such as the International-Youth Chamber Choir Meeting (Germany), XIX Europa Canta Festival (Hungary), XVII Mednarodni Glasbeni Festival Mladih (Slovenia), 22 Choralies de Vaisson La Romaine, collaborated with various choirs such as  A Kiss for ALL the World, Orfeoi Gazte, Hong Kong Children's Choir, Giovani Cantori di Torino, and worked international directors such as Bo Johansson (Sweden), Ursa Lah (Slovenia) and Kjetil Aamann (Norway), Karmina Silec (Slovenia), Basilio Astulez (Spain).
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