Called the Talent and Technology Awards 2022


The Talent and Technology Awards 2022, convened by the Madrid City Council, They aim to award the best doctoral theses and master's thesis (TFM) in the field of technological innovation, presented at universities based in the Community of Madrid.

For this reason, and to assess the excellence of the papers presented, the evaluative criteria They will contemplate the precision, clarity, rigor and technical quality of the content of the work, the ease of understanding by the reader, the application of innovative methodologies, techniques and sources, as well as the coherence and adaptation to the purpose of this call.

The deadline for submitting applications will end on June 13.

With a total endowment of €100,000, the Awards are directed to Physical persons to present their thesis doctoral and TFM in universities of the Community of Madrid, qualified before the closing date of the application submission period.

In relation to grades, thesis doctorates must have been qualified in the previous 3 years to the date of the deadline for submitting applications and the TFM, for its part, in the previous 2 years, Doctoral theses and TFM winners in the previous call are excluded.

The call breaks down the following prizes and economic endowments:

  • Ethical and legal aspects in the field of technology
  • Doctoral Theses: 1 prize of 12,000 euros
  • TFM: 1 prize of 3,000 euros
  • Research and Technological Development
  • Doctoral Theses: 1 prize of 12,000 euros
  • TFM: 1 prize of 3,000 euros
  • Better business projection
  • Doctoral Theses: 1 prize of 12,000 euros
  • TFM: 1 prize of 3,000 euros

will also be granted 10 second prizes of 4,000 euros for doctoral theses and 10 second prizes of 1,500 euros for master's thesis in the following categories:

  1. To the best work aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  2. To the best job in the field of cybersecurity
  3. To the best work applied to Fintech
  4. To the best work in biomedicine or biotechnology
  5. To the best work in aerospace
  6. To the best work on waste (circular economy)
  7. To the best work on new mobility (new types of vehicles, drones, alternative engines, fuel cells...)
  8. To the best work on the application of technological tools such as artificial intelligence or Blockchain
  9. To the best work with urban impact
  10. To the best job with impact for the well-being or citizen benefit

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