Cristina Porcel Magnusson: satellites without secrets


«I have been very fond of astronomy since I was little, although I have dedicated myself to automotive engineering. In recent years I have noticed a very big change in space issues. I started researching and saw an opportunity in the market. I thought that a different approach could be given to the way in which images obtained from satellites were treated, because although they contain a lot of information
useful for companies were being analyzed in a very complex way. And I ended up patenting a different way of doing it.”
“Before, a satellite was as big as a room and today they are the size of a shoebox, and they are launched by the hundreds. I'm constantly working with the programmer to simplify the algorithms and organize this huge volume of information, teaching a computer what to recognize. The objective is to get to analyze the images in real time”.

IN FIGURES: It is a technology that easily interprets images obtained by satellites in real time. He has invested around 23,000 euros in registering the company and in patents. It is still in the development phase, but it already has four clients and in 2017 it had a turnover of just over 100,000 euros.


«In maritime security there is a very interesting market. We can fight illegal fishing by differentiating a boat with a license from another without it, and also piracy, because the first thing the raiders do is break the transmission equipment of the boats they hijack. Even if a plane like the Malaysia Airlines one were lost again, we would find it automatically and in a reasonable amount of time. On land it also has very interesting applications because you can find out how many cars are in a hypermarket or the number of oil tankers leaving a port. And it is also possible to use this system with aerial and drone images.” 
«We have carried out two technical feasibility studies that have come out positive, one of them with Airbus, which has validated the technology. We still do not provide a full service because the product is not complete, but we are carrying out concept tests adapted to the needs of each client and we hope to have it finished in 2020. The reception has been very good”.

By Juan Ramon Gomez
Photo Yazmin Arno