The City Council supports the One Business Place business search engine


Granting greater visibility to traditional commerce on the Internet to reduce the competitive disadvantage compared to multinationals is the priority objective of One Business Place, a new platform presented in the Chamberí market with the support of the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the City Council of Madrid.

Thanks to this project, small companies in Madrid will benefit from a greater presence on the Internet. One Business Place uses a tool called "crowd-sourcing" through which traditional businesses will enjoy greater visibility on the Internet, which will help to better locate and access a greater number of potential customers.

The platform will contribute to reducing the competitive disadvantage that small businesses have compared to large business chains in terms of visibility on the Internet, favoring the development of traditional companies and the revitalization of life in neighborhoods.

The medium-long term objective of the project, pioneer in Madrid, is to deploy a local business search system that reaches all European countries. With the development of the directory-search engine, small companies will improve their presence on the Internet, contributing to the survival of the more traditional commercial fabric.

Madrid bets on small businesses

Madrid is the first city in Europe to establish the platform that intends to establish itself throughout Europe. The City Council, through the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, collaborates in the development of this initiative and will integrate the One Business Place search engine on the website With the support of this tool, it continues its work in favor of the digitization of Madrid's commerce.

Thus, among other actions, the City Council participates in the Mercado 47 project, an online commerce platform that offers small businesses and the self-employed in the city the possibility of incorporating their offer of products and services into a single virtual market.

The One Business Place search engine, developed by the company DataCentric, was selected by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 program and began its journey in 2016.