Madrid City Council is one of the 35 entities that have adhered to the Business Transfer Support Plan


The Business Transfer Support Plan that develops the General Directorate of Industry and SMEs, of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, currently has 35 public and private entities attached, including the Madrid City Council, through the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, within the framework of its commitment toComprehensive support for entrepreneurship and with the aim of facilitating the continuity of viable companies but in danger of disappearing due to problems other than economic ones: generational change, illness, change of address, etc.

The Entrepreneur Unique Window is the Point of Service (PDA) that will offer the basic services to individuals or legal entities interested in the processes of buying and selling businesses in the municipality of Madrid.

Here We provide you with all the information to request the appointment in the PDA of the Madrid City Council.

The objective of this Plan is to facilitate the continuity of viable companies in situations of succession, transfer, etc. Through this initiative, free and personalized support is provided to business owners who wish to transfer their business, providing them with precise information and advice on what requirements must be considered in this transfer process, as well as contact with potential buyers. , advising and accompanying both parties in the transmission process

In addition, the Support Plan has an online platform ( through which you can consult and contact the affiliated entities, search for published transfer offers and download informative materials about the company transfer processes. In addition, through the platform you can access an explanatory video on how the service works.

The General Directorate of Industry and SMEs, together with the Madrid City Council, consider that the service provided by the entities adhering to this Plan is vital for maintaining the business fabric of small businesses, especially in areas where the creation of a business it is less attractive than others, and the disappearance of one of them generates both direct and indirect economic and employment losses. A situation that this initiative helps to avoid, supporting the continuity of SMEs and the employment they generate.