The City Council relaunches the campaign "If you buy fakes, the adventure always ends badly"


The Area of Equity, Social Rights and Employment and different institutions, entities and associations, launch the awareness campaign against illegal street sales and counterfeits: "If you buy counterfeits, the adventure always ends badly". Since last November 20, more than 200 mupis have advertised this slogan to remind citizens that the purchase of counterfeits and the acquisition of products in illegal street sales entails risks and dangers, causes serious damage and implies the renunciation of consumers to Your rights. 

Added to this street furniture campaign is a prolific online dissemination both on the websites and social networks of the city council and of all the collaborating entities, as well as inserts in different national and local print media and the distribution of informative brochures that will be distributed at different points and municipal dependencies. 

The objective of this campaign is to raise awareness about the harm and risks involved in buying counterfeit products that are marketed mainly through illegal street sales. It also seeks to promote responsible consumption and make citizens aware of the positive impact of brands and the purchase of original products in economic and commercial activity. The acquisition of original products promotes innovation and company culture and contributes to stability and the generation of employment, to the financing of public services and to the protection of the health and safety of citizens. 

The sale of fakes represents losses of 6,200 million euros for the Spanish industry each year and the destruction of 40,120 jobs. For this reason, the administration and all the entities that collaborate in this campaign appeal to the responsibility of the consumer so that with their purchases they support small and medium-sized companies that create jobs, pay taxes and offer a safe and quality product and that In addition, it allows the exercise of consumer rights. 

This campaign is one of the three pillars of the municipal action plan against illegal street vending, which includes police intervention in its different facets and the search for solutions of a social nature such as the neighborhood card that facilitates the integration of people who are engaged in these illicit activities.  

Institutions such as the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, and the Association for the Defense of Trademarks (ANDEMA) collaborate in this campaign. And various associations of the business sector and merchants in our city, such as the Association of Wholesale and Self-Employed Appliance Merchants (ACEMA); the Guild of Jewelers, Silversmiths and Watchmakers of Madrid; the Association of Hoteliers of the Plaza Mayor; the Association of Merchants of Preciados, Carmen, Arenal and adjacent areas (APRECA); the Madrid Association of Food and Distribution Entrepreneurs (La Única); the Spanish Association of distributors, self-service stores and supermarkets (ASEDAS); the Association of Spanish supermarket chains (ACES); the Association of Entrepreneurs of Latina-Carabanchel (ASELAC); the Federation of Grouped Commerce and Markets of the Community of Madrid (COCAM); the Textile Trade and Accessories Business Association (ACOTEX); the Association of Merchants of the Barrio de las Letras; the Madrid Association of Restoration Companies (AMER); the National Association of Medium and Large Distribution Companies (ANGED); the Madrid Business Confederation (CEIM); the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (STANPA); the Confederation of Specialized Commerce of Madrid (COCEM) and Madrid Business Forum, the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) and the Confederation of Consumers and Users of Madrid (CECU MADRID)./