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The Águilas market opens its image and expands its commercial offer


The General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship visited last Tuesday, November 6, the facilities of the Las Águilas municipal market that has a new image, expands its commercial offer and improves its facilities after the reforms promoted by the merchants and subsidized by the Madrid City Council within the Strategic Market Plan 2017-2021. The General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Government Area of Equity, Social Rights and Employment has allocated more than 300,000 euros for improvements to this market since 2015.

During this period of time, various works have been undertaken, among which the relocation of some stalls and the union of empty premises to allow the incorporation of a medium-sized area that complements the market offer stand out. In addition, improvements have been made in the general facilities and in the accesses aimed at saving energy, comprehensive reform of the toilets, replacement of the air conditioning system and the forklift and the adaptation and improvement of the parking lot and the escalator. Finally, thanks to the investment of the Madrid City Council, the Águilas market is a cardioprotected space and an accessibility model.

This market, a benchmark in the district of La Latina, is attractive with a variety of products offered by its traditional cuisine stalls such as butcher shops, fishmongers, chicken shops and greengrocers, and non-food retail stores such as textiles, jewelry, hairdressing and hostelry.

The City Council's investment in the Águilas market forms part of the Strategic Market Plan 2017-2021 which revolves around five axes: guaranteeing the economic viability of municipal markets, promoting and maximizing their social function, complementing and consolidating the renewal of infrastructures and their technological modernization, consolidating their role as a benchmark in the distribution of fresh food in the maximum quality and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Along with this, the Madrid City Council is working on the adoption of measures that attract entrepreneurs to the commercial premises of the municipal markets to achieve maximum occupancy. To this end, the active search for synergies between the establishments of the same market, between those of the markets integrated in the network of municipal markets, the establishments in their environment and consumer associations is contemplated.