Entrepreneurs and inventors meet at Innova Inventos


For a whole morning, inventors, entrepreneurs, and young creators have participated in this event. The interesting program that included presentations, demonstrations and networking, caused the full capacity sign to be hung in the assembly hall of this facility of the Madrid Emprende company incubator network.
The event began with an interesting and educational presentation by David J. Yanez Villarreal, co-founder of Vortex Bladeless, a company that has developed a wind energy system that does not need blades. During his talk, he gave advice to entrepreneurs and detailed the creative process of this new technology and its different milestones.
In the second presentation, Helga Cester, of the firm specializing in intellectual property, patents and trademarks Balder, explained to those present what a patent is and what steps must be followed to patent our inventions or processes, an essential procedure to protect them from being used or copied by third parties.
Many young people were present who were able to learn about two inspiring projects developed by students from Madrid institutes. Carlos Viana, Adrian Sanchez and Roberto Alonso, students of mechanical manufacturing processes at the IES Alarnes in Getafe, showed their mobile support prototype, whose main innovation is the possibility of adding different modules to suit the user. Lydia Santos, from the IES Pío Baroja de Usera, presented the clothing project for people with functional disabilities, winner of the FP innovation award and which brings the world of fashion closer to this group.
in a format of elevator pitch, eight entrepreneurial inventors showed their success stories. Maria Fernandez Noguira told us about sugar-free candies Crax, made with xylitol from Finland. Robert Garcia, firefighter and entrepreneur, told us about the smoke detector DTM, a portable fire-fighting device that is easy to install in the home. Ana Isabel, showed us the ingenious system of magnets freelock to hold the crutches together. Sonia Jaramillo told us how his disabled daughter inspired him to create his paper with erasable guidelines. Gonzalo Larrauri surprised us with his presentation of Brite Fist. Encarna Martinez He showed us that we can find inspiration to undertake anywhere with his portable table with mobile charger Yamelas. Sergio Munoz and his brother showed off their automatic car sunshade. Y Maria Vidal-Aragon brought a piece of garden thanks to Pet Ground, sustainable and ecological response so that our pets can relieve themselves at home.
The companies housed and occupying spaces of co-working in the Villaverde business incubator they also played a leading role in Innova Inventos. Samurai Funnel, Noxfall Studios, Gestión Loma and KwP Solar, spoke about their projects and invited the attendees to get closer to the network of business incubators and the services that Madrid Emprende offers to entrepreneurs.
After the presentations and while a small agape was served, those attending Innova Inventos were able to see first-hand all the prototypes and products that participated in the event and exchange impressions with their creators and the rest of the staff during an informal session of networking.
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