Entrepreneurs and creative professionals meet at the San Blas nursery


The event "Creative professionals, a profession to undertake" held at the San Blas nursery brought together entrepreneurs and creatives to talk about the opportunity for entrepreneurship that different disciplines such as design, fashion, video games, music, sport, painting or sculpture.
The central act of the event consisted of the recording of the program "I undertake, then I exist" presented by Oscar Escalera and which will be broadcast on ClickRadioTv. Several enterprising and creative people passed through the microphones installed in the multipurpose room of the San Blas nursery, sharing their experiences and projects.
This is the case of Paula Rodríguez Zamarriego, a third-year design student at the Francisco University of Vitoria, who shared his impressions on fashion and his creative processes. He also told us that his next collection has its roots in the 50s and 80s. After the interview, he took out his drawing pad and made some designs.
Some people who were advised at the San Blas nursery also shared their experience, such as Jose Antonio Munguida, creator of I+D Languages, a comprehensive solution to prepare students for English tests.
In the same way, enterprising people housed in the San Blas nursery spoke about their creative experience. Ramon de la Mora Future Talents, a company that improves family reconciliation thanks to its services of extracurricular activities for the little ones in the house. “Our main goal is to make the children smile,” said Ramón during the radio interview.
There is no doubt that photography is an art as Alexandra Rincón de rainbox, a company housed in the San Blas nursery dedicated to photography, video and design, and specializing in generating highly creative family memories, giving parents the opportunity to keep their children's birthdays, holidays or school functions forever.
Gastronomy is also another great creative activity that was present at the event with the participation of Jorge Blasco from Executive chef, a gastronomic consultancy company for the hotel industry. Jorge pointed out the great help that the network of nurseries has given him to start up this new project.
Another of the hosted companies that participated in the program was plug car. Rodrigo Hidalgo told us about how they carry out electric recharging installations for vehicles and the many benefits that electric transport provides.
After the recording of the program, Jesús Luengo of Artax Games, explained the creative process of creating video games and introduced us to his new mobile game Super Splat Dogs, in which you have to pee with your virtual dog to win.
As a final firework, the artist Ricardo Barco, with the help of the student Paula Rodríguez, made a mural that illustrates the entrepreneurial itinerary. Ricardo is also an entrepreneur who has made urban art his profession with Graffiti Studios, a company that brings this discipline to companies and businesses to decorate the interior of their offices, closures, facades and other supports.
At the end of the event, the attendees enjoyed a small agape while they continued sharing experiences and devising their next great creative project.
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