Villaverde Nursery Annual Event – Cultivate Your Success –


As a start to the day we had the opportunity to see the framework conference “Intelligence of success; chatting with Anxo” where the public could interact with anxo perez, renowned entrepreneur who, among other awards, has won the 2014 European Citizen Award.

After the conference, two thematic rooms were available to entrepreneurs who need financing, a room for ideas of impact, in charge of the Sabadell Bank, and another for self-employment projects, led by bank, where they can expose their projects in an agile, direct and personalized way.

  • Financing room for impact ideas: by Banco Sabadell within the framework of the BStartup program, a commitment to facilitate financing and support for young companies.
  • Financing room for self-employment projects: by Microbank, aimed at self-employment projects both in the beginning, consolidation or expansion of micro-enterprises and economic and business initiatives on their own.

In parallel, a meeting of  networking in the incubator's assembly room and face-to-face meetings between the attending entrepreneurs. The event was a great success with the public, with the participation in all the activities of more than 100 people interested in undertaking, carrying out networking or seek financing for your business.

The framework conference was broadcast live on our Facebook page, you can check the video: Part 1Part 2.

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